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While Sébastien and David are both passionate, they come from different worlds and environments. The first hails from the South of France, the second from Belgium. The one thing they have in common: they’ve always stayed true to themselves. In their day-to-day lives, in their way of dressing, and even in their musical and artistic tastes.

Sébastien and David met in 2013 while working the same job. Sébastien was taking a break from years of travel around the world, David was working as a student. A friendship emerged, and they started discussing and sharing their ideas, their cultures and their common passion for street wear.

Eventually, during one of their discussions, they decided to create a brand of their own. It was a logical continuation for both of them, the realisation of a common dream. Their motto, “Be you”, led them to design YUMÉ, their own high-end street wear brand. A way to invite others to do what they did: to stay true to themselves and never betray who they are, in any circumstance.

Be you and excel !

Yumé is Japanese for “dream”. Yumé Clothing is a shared dream come true, one of designing and offering a high-end street wear brand for exceptional people. Sébastien and David are convinced that being oneself is the best way to excel in this field. In line with their motto, they have worked to provide you with apparel you can wear your way, wherever you are and whatever you do. Be yourself and express your difference while respecting others. Create a world where “being different” is an asset, where exclusion is excluded: create that DREAM. This is what they will attempts to convey through their YUMÉ collections.


Being yourself is how you excel.

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For men who dress for excellence

Sébastien and David’s passion for street wear will always be at the heart of their upcoming collections. Their goal is, above all, to provide a quality product with impeccable finish. Clothes in which you feel comfortable and elegant. Clothes in which you feel like yourself.

YUMÉ will be offering you a range of products inspired by a subtle blend of urban and upscale universes. Our goal: to dress men from head to toe. YUMÉ isn’t just a street wear brand, it’s a culture choc. Drawing inspiration from skate culture, hip-hop, urban art and Japanese street wear, we’ll always stay true to our motto: “Be you”. Clothes designed for you, a combination of street and fashion… StreetFashion.

Don’t change for others, be yourself !

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